Time & Frequency Distribution via GEO Satellite

demetra Time & Frequency Distribution via GEO Satellite

Accurate time and frequency distribution through a geostationary satellite for network reliable synchronization.


The system disseminates time and frequency in real-time via geostationary satellite. The proposed technology is based on consolidated telecommunication techniques (FDMA) that are applied in an innovative way, thus allowing for a reliable, competitive and cost-effective final system.

Features and benefits

Stand alone synchronization system, with no dedicated satellites required
Sensible reduction of the disturbances due to interference, typical of GPS/Galileo, thanks to a different spectral band and different receivers (intrinsic)
Same coverage capability as for GPS/Galileo system (national scale)
GPS/Galileo independence and full technological redundancy
Reliable and competitive service relying on already largely experimented techniques

How it works

The proposed system allows synchronizing user clocks in each subscriber station of a network by using a geostationary satellite and a set of two-way stations. Precise time dissemination is based on transmitting a signal that contains information on both synchronization and localization of the stations and satellite.

This system is meant to work in parallel with GPS/GALILEO-based systems in order to reach full technological redundancy and it addresses networks that require outstanding timing accuracy (~100ns provided) and high reliability.

The service is accessible only to registered users.


Time Service Details

Version: 1.0

Company: Antares S.c.a r.l.

Address: Via Gallarate 150, 20151 Milano - Italy

Contact with the company: email us

Website: www.consorzioantares.it/



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