Service Monitoring Facility

Service Monitoring Facility

The Service Monitoring Facility has the important role to monitor the different services hosted in the demonstrator (common and time services) and ensure the expected performance level.


The Service Monitoring Facility controls the availability of the different demonstrator components and ensures that the service delivered at user level complies with the expected performance.

The main functions of this facility are:
Continuous monitoring of services performance through common and specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
Assessment of the quality of the timing information received at user level.
Campaign validation (on demand) of the performances of the timing services newly integrated.

These missions are achieved through different steps:
Collecting and archiving relevant services data and measures.
Processing, analysing and comparing results towards requirements.
Archiving the monitoring results and raising alerts.

Core Service Details

Version: 01.05

Company: aizoOn Technology Consulting

Address: Strada del Lionetto 6 - 10146 Torino - Italy

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